Monday, 11 February 2019

This Will SCARE You | The Most HAUNTED Place On Earth | Extreme PARANORMAL Activity Caught On Tape

The most haunted place on Earth we know. A secret and undisclosed location, that gave us the frights of our lives and the most extreme paranormal activity we have ever seen to date.

A abandoned and empty home, somewhere in England, once was a stately home to the very rich and wealthy. In years gone by however, stories arose of something very dark and twisted happening inside the house, that included bodies been dismembered and offered for satanic rituals, murders, deaths and even practice of the dark arts. Some of this dark and grisly past, is still very present today inside the house, whats left of it.

This particular investigation is without a doubt, the most intense we have ever done, and the evidence captured of ghostly activity, poltergeist activity and possibly even demonic activity at times, was all witnessed during our 3 hour stay at what we believe is the most haunted place on Earth we know of. So much so, some call it, The Portal To Hell.

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