Sunday, 12 August 2018

Most BIZARRE Skeletons Ever Discovered!

Check out the most bizarre skeletons ever discovered! This top 10 list of mysterious and unexplained skull discoveries has some of the weirdest and strangest skeletons ever found around the world!

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8. Dinosaur Death Match!

You’ve got to love dinosaur bones, they teach about the animal’s behaviour and appearance, and what they ate. There have been a lot of great dinosaur skeleton finds over the years, helping us to discover new species and try to figure out what the world was like long before we came around. But this find has to be seen to be believed.

7. Atacama Alien Skeleton

In 2003, a very small skeleton was found with a very long head that ended in a point and missing ribs. Rumors spread and conspiracy theorists began shouting “Alien” from the rooftops. The remains were sold to a private collector in Spain and ended up in a documentary in 2013 as potential evidence for alien life.

6. Predator Becomes Prey

In the words of a Jedi Master, "there's always a bigger fish". But in this unique skeleton find, it was actually a somewhat small fish that caused the deaths of three as it tried to attack something much bigger than itself.

5. Roopkund Skeletons

Ok, so the only thing more unsettling than finding one skeleton in an odd place is finding multiple skeletons in an odd place. Hundreds in fact! In 1942, the British heard a rumor that there were hundreds of Japanese soldiers who had died in Lake Roopkund in the Himalayas.

4. Skeleton Tree

During a storm in Ireland, a large birch tree was knocked over. It was quite a surprise when a human skeleton was found embedded in the mass of roots. Now, that's weird enough. Researchers were called in and it turns out that under the 215 year-old tree was the skeleton of a young man between 17-20 years old. The bones were dated back to the medieval period between 1030 and 1200 AD.

3. Conehead Skeletons

There is an ancient fortified settlement in Russia that dates back to around 2-3,000 BC. Also known as the “Russian Stonehenge”, it is believed to be older than Stonehenge itself! Archaeologists have tried to find out who lived there, and more recently, a skull with an elongated cone shape was found at this site.

2. A Centaur

Ok, this one wasn't really a "find", but it's still worth talking about. At the Tucson International Wildlife Museum, you'll actually find a "skeleton" of a centaur. Yes, as in the creature from Greek Mythology. No, it's not an actual centaur, but it's there!

1. Vampire Skeleton

One of the other beautiful things about science is that it can debunk the existence of certain mythological creatures definitively. While it's nice to believe in centaurs, human history is ripe with claims of dangerous mythological creatures living among us. Like...say...vampires?

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