Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Most TERRIFYING Discoveries Made By Police!

Check out the most terrifying discoveries made by police! This top 10 list of creepy and disturbing things found by police will make you shudder!

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10. Occult Fiction (Brazil)

In April of 2017, Brazilian police released a video detailing a bizarre find they made while looking for a missing man. With a missing persons report, the police usually start looking at the person’s home. What they found there, suggested he wasn’t your ordinary citizen. This guy was creepy!!

9. Mutilated Barbie Doll (Georgetown, Mass)

In 2016, police received a tip that a recently deceased football coach may have killed a child in the 1970s. The police went and searched the home and they uncovered a collection of items that surely back up the idea that things were not quite right with the former owner.

8. Traffic Sign Violation (South Dakota)

In 2007 a 60-year-old Sioux Falls resident, named Verle Peter Dills, was arrested by police after being found performing an “unnamed sex act” in the front yard of one of his neighbours. With a street sign! He was held for burglary, indecent exposure, and unlawful occupancy. Besides that he was recording these events which led investigators to search his home.

7. Ornamental Objects (Colorado)

The Colorado Police, in 2014, were in for a surprise when they carried out a search warrant in Arvada. When they entered they found a strange selection of objects including a cosmetic students mannequin head, an 18-inch ornamental dagger, a mahjong set, a red statue bust, a silver and bronze blade, and a bronze cylinder.

6. A Killer’s Collection (Calgary)

Every time the Police search the house of a suspected criminal they have to be prepared for anything- but in the investigation into a series of murders, detectives found some truly bizarre things.

5. Needle Nest (Vancouver)

Cops are used to finding evidence of drug use- they are on the front lines in battling against the substance abuse epidemic the world over. Investigating users often leads officers into poorly kept homes and dangerous environments, but at the beginning of 2017, police in Vancouver found a stark example of how human activity affects the natural world around us.

4. Child Shackled to Bed (Colombia)

Sometimes investigators know that they are about to walk into a traumatic situation- with child neglect cases being some of the most difficult that any officer will ever have to face. One rumour of mistreatment of a child came in to social services in Mangangue in Colombia in 2015 and authorities immediately authorised a raid on the property.

3. Clowning Around (Maine)

With officers being prepared to see some horrific things when in the line of duty, it’s hardly a surprise that they immediately think the worst even when, in reality, things are far less severe.

2. Slithering Secrets (Ontario)

In 2013, Cops in Ontario, Canada responded to a call at the Bell City motel in Brantford with reports of suspicious behaviour. The occupants of the room in question, parents and their children, had recently been evicted from their home and moved in to the motel for a temporary place to stay.

1. Gang Signs (Veracruz, Mexico)

Gang wars in Mexico are all too common, and it’s left to the police to try to keep the peace, and respond to events when they happen. In early 2017 they made a find that shook them to the core, and showed quite how brutal the gang culture can be.

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