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Imagine that you are at a height of several hundred meters, and above you is a gigantic flammable barrel, you dissect the clouds over the city and admire the incredible views. This is the reality of air travel of the 20th century, the century of airships. Then these giants ruled the sky, but until the end of time they will be associated with terrible disasters. We invite you to plunge into history, learn and see with your own eyes about these monsters that have claimed hundreds of lives.

July 6, 1960, the United States. ZPG-3W Airship

At this time, airships were used as one of the missile defense lines, they filled gaps in the sky, which could not be scanned by radars. For some unknown reason, this monster crashed into the water and took 18 people.

November 10, 1915, Germany. Airship Schütte-Lanz SL6

In the early 20th century, Ferdinand von Zeppelin was one of the best airship designers in the world. He used a lot of wood and plywood to make his creations more easily. Therefore, his creations had shortcomings, for example, vulnerability to moisture. This is what caused the fall of the Schütte-Lants SL6, when 20 people were killed on board.

April 7, 1918, Germany. Airship LZ 104

One of the airships that were used by the German Air Force. On this day, LZ 104 was sent to Malta to attack the British Naval Base. But the airship burst into flames, and after 2 huge flashes, it fell to the ground. 21 people were killed.

October 17, 1913, Germany. Airship LZ 18

LZ 18 is one of the 14 airships that Germany acquired on the eve of the First World War. During the test flight, the airship engine ignited, which led to its fall, killing 28 people.

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