Sunday, 24 June 2018

Most AMAZING Amphibious Vehicles That Currently Exist!

Check out the most amazing amphibious vehicles that currently exist! This top 10 list of futuristic water cars has some extreme vehicles that are pretty awesome!

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#9 Amphicar 770

If you can believe it, the Amphicar Model 770 was an amphibious automobile that debuted in 1961!

Designed in West Germany and funded by the American Quandt Group, there were less than 4,000 manufactured in total. The car is a descendant of the Volkswagen Schwimmwagen, but it didn’t have great power or any special amenities. All it really had were the navigation lights and a flag that were required by the Coast Guard, but past that, it was pretty basic. Luckily the doors locked shut for water travel!

#8 Gibbs Aquada

The Gibbs Aquada is a high speed amphibious vehicle that was developed by Gibbs Sports Amphibians. It was only produced for a limited time between 2003 and 2004. Only about 30 of these were made but in 2016, they decided to sell around 20 of them as collector vehicles.

#7 Sea Lion

The Sea Lion is the world’s fastest amphibious car. Invented by Marc Whitt, it was designed to set world records on land, and on water!

It is technically called an Amphibious World Speed Record Competition Vehicle, so don’t get confused! It can do 125 mph on the roads and then drive right into the water where it can go about 60 mph. Marc built the car himself and designed the body so it could function as a road vehicle and then also be waterproof.

#6 WaterCar Panther

WaterCar is an American company that specializes in the creation of not just efficient, but luxury amphibious vehicles. Now we’re talking! Now this car also claims to be the fastest amphibious vehicle so we’ll just go with it...

The founder was inspired by the Amphicar of the 1960s that I told you about. Originally, the creator of WaterCar just wanted to build the car for fun, not market it. But in 2013, 14 years after the he built it the WaterCar Panther was revealed to the public.

#5 Terra Wind Motorhome

What? RVs can swim? Well, apparently this one can. The Terra Wind is known as the world’s first and currently only amphibious motorhome. So, what’s the catch? Just that it will cost you $850,000! And if you want the works, it can go up to $1.2 Million!

The Terra Wind was created and released by CAMI, which stands for Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International. Of course it does. But what may surprise you is that this baby is packed with 330-horsepower.


The LARC-V (lark-five) stands for Lighter, Amphibious Resupply, Cargo, 5 ton. It is an aluminum-hulled amphibious cargo vehicle that can, you guessed it, carry 5 tons.

Invented in the 1950s, it is probably more widely used today than ever! Military forces in Australia, Argentina, Portugal, the Philippines Singapore, Iceland and the United States still use them.

#3 SeaRoader Lamborghini Countach

Amphibious Lambo? Yes, please! In a couple of seconds, all your childhood dreams will come true as you get a load of this car!

Most Lamborghini’s are not so great on the water. They are also ridiculously expensive. But the world’s only amphibious Lamborghini Countach was sold for under $27,000! Well, it was actually a replica, with the body used as the cover, and you could get it on ebay.

#2 Gibbs Humdinga

Alan Gibbs, from Gibbs Technologies (remember him, the Kiwi who also created the Aquada), created this 5-seater Humdinga 4WD vehicle.

The Humdinga wasn’t announced until 2012. Like the Hummer, it was created to access the most hostile of terrains. But the Humdinga takes off-road to a whole new level as it can access both difficult roads and of course the water!

#1 Rinspeed sQuba

The Rinspeed sQuba is the world's first car that can be driven both on land and underwater. What? Weren’t we just talking about cars that went on water? Yes, ON the water, but this takes vehicles to a whole new level!! The sQuba is an underwater car.

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