Sunday, 18 March 2018

Most CREEPY Abandoned Tunnels Around The World!

Most CREEPY Abandoned Tunnels Around The World!

From mysterious and scary discoveries to ghosts and haunted people, these are the top 10 dark and underground tunnels with absolutely scary stories behind them! Enter at your own risk!

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10.) Moonville Tunnel

Back in the 1800s, Moonville was a booming mining town in Ohio with a population in the hundreds. Today, it is known more of a ghost town surrounded by poison ivy, wild rose, and greenbriar.

9.) Church Hill Tunnel

Church Hill Tunnel is an old Chesapeake and Ohio Railway tunnel built in the early 1870s. The tunnel extends about 4,000 feet under the Church Hill section of Richmond, Virginia and has been causing problems since construction started.

8.) Shanghai Tunnels

The Shanghai Tunnels are known as one of the most haunted locations in America and has been the interest of several paranormal investigations, including the TV show Ghost Adventures.

7.) Chi Chi Tunnels

The Chi Chi Tunnels were built with hand tools, by the Vietcong before and during the Vietnam War. The Chi Chi tunnels are thousands of miles long.

6.) Screaming Tunnel

The Screaming Tunnel is located in the Northwest corner of Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. It is known as one of the top 20 haunted roads in the world.

5.) Gold Camp Road Tunnels

Gold Camp Road is a highly scenic dirt trail from Colorado Springs with a length of 8.6 miles one way. There is an old “Keep Out” from the original Gold Camp Tunnel that collapsed decades ago.

4.) Blue Ghost Tunnel

The Blue Ghost Tunnel, which is more formally known as the Merritton Tunnel, is located in southern Ontario, Canada, and has been creepy since construction.

3.) Hoosac Tunnel

The Hoosac Tunnel is a four to five mile active railroad tunnel in western Massachusetts. The nickname of this tunnel, which started during construction, is the bloody pit.

2.) Steam Tunnels at Virginia Tech

The majority of college students at Virginia Tech know there are steam tunnels under the campus that used to lead from one building to the next.

1.) Atlantic Avenue Tunnel

The Atlantic Avenue Tunnel, more officially known as the Cobble Hill Tunnel, is an abandoned railroad tunnel underneath downtown Brooklyn in New York City.

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