Thursday, 9 November 2017

Top 10 AMAZING Things Found in SAFES

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Treasure hunting will always be something that captures the imagination. People love the idea of finding some crazy stash and striking it rich, and safes are no exception. In recent years it has become quite popular to try to get your hands on cheap, old, locked safes and open them in the hopes of making a fortune. Of course, as safes are usually only abandoned when not in use, most of these people come up with nothing at all. However, very rarely, something of note is found, and everyone gets a really interesting story – and hopefully some money – out of the whole deal.

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Top 10 Strange Things MADE OUT OF PEOPLE

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10. A Safe Sent To Be Melted Down For Scrap Was Stuffed With Valuable Gold Coins

9. Lost Mozart Manuscripts Were Found In An Old Safe In A Baptist Seminary

8. A Small Baby Somehow Ended Up Locked In A Safe In A Niagara Falls Hotel Room

7. In Australia, A Professional Safecracker Once Helped A Man Open A Safe With A Gold Nugget Inside

6. A Man Allegedly Finds A Safe And Some Other Creepy Things In The Crawlspace Of His New House

5. An Old Safe At A Colorado Newspaper Office Had 40 Year Old Photos Of Ted Bundy

4. A Man Was Found Suffocated Inside His Own Gun Safe

3. A Man Was Pulled Over And Found With A Locked Safe Containing Marijuana, Heroin, And Crack

2. A Woman Finds Her Own Priceless Personal Valuables In A Safe Her Son Returned To The Store

1. Teenagers Get Stuck in Safes Way Too Often

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