Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Most Touching and Beautiful Soundtracks - (Amazing 1.3 million+ views!!!)

The Most Touching and Beautiful Soundtracks - (Amazing 1.3 million+ views!!!)

Please Note: This is not an epic orchestra compilation video but rather a magical and sweet video. All credits are in the description box


Titanic (Rose's Piano Theme) by James Horner - 0:00

Lord of The Rings-The Fellowship of the Ring (Concerning Hobbits) by Howard Shore - 3:37

Chocolat (Main Titles) by Rachel Portman - 6:26

Forrest Gump (Main Titles) by Alan Silvestri-9:36

The Cider House Rules (Main Titles) by Rachel Portman - 18:21

Home Alone (Somewhere In My Memory) by John Williams - 24:11

The Secret Garden (Entering the Garden) by Zbigniew Preisner -27:30

Frankenweenie (Main Titles) by Danny Elfman - 28:30

The Garden The Secret Garden (Walking Through The Garden) by Zbigniew Preisner - 30:51

Harry Potter (Hedwig's Theme) by John Williams- 32:42

Cast Away (Main Titles) by Alan Silvestri -37:45

Tuck Everlasting (Theme Song) by William Ross - 41:30

Casper (Casper's Lullaby) by James Horner- 44:28

Edward Scissorhands (Ice Dance) by Danny Elfman - 50:00

Jurassic Park (Welcome to Jurassic Park) by John Williams- 51:38

Dragonheart (To The Stars) by Randy Edelman- 59:33

Indecent Proposal (Main Titles) by John Barry- 1:02:50

The Polar Express (Meeting Santa Claus Promo) by Alan Silvestri - 1:07:37

Band of Brothers(Opening Theme) by Michael Kamen - 1:13:57

A Room With a View (Return to Florence) by Richard Robbins- 1:16:19

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Dumbledore's Army)by Nicholas Hooper - 1:18:14

A Series Of Unfortunate Events(The Letter that Never Came) by Thomas Newman- 1:20:55

Rudy(Tryouts) by Jerry Goldsmith- 1:25:01

King Kong(Central Park) by James Newton Howard - 1:29:29

Meet Joe Black( Whisper of a Thrill) by Thomas Newman- 1:34:05

Rudy(Main Titles) by Jerry Goldsmith- 1:39:55

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets(Reunion of Friends) by John Williams- 1:43:32

Dances With Wolves(John Dunbar Theme) by John Barry- 1:48:42

The Lord of the Rings(The Two Towers Soundtrack )- (Evenstar) by Howard Shore - 1:50:58

Titanic(The Dream) by James Horner- 1:54:18

Out of Africa (Main Title) -(I Had a Farm in Africa) by John Barry- 1:56:52

Bicentennial Man (The Gift of Mortality) by James Horner- 2:00:01

The Mirror has Two Faces( The Apology) by Luciano Pavarotti- 2:06:21

Black Beauty(Main Titles)by Danny Elfman- 2:09:37

Breakfast at Tiffany's (Moon River- Original Main Title)by Henry Mancini- 2:12:07

The Most Touching and Beautiful Soundtrack compilation. Best sweet and touching movie soundtracks, the best soundtracks (in my opinion)

Please notice: due to a copyright claim, the previous video has been muted. The score that caused the video to be muted has been removed. This video has been reuploaded, more scores have been added. This is for pure entertainment purposes only. No money is made

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