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Hardik Pandya Batting - 25 Sixes Amazing Sixes by Hardik Pandya - Hardik Pandya Batting

We made this video to celebrate the batting of Hardik Pandya. Hardik Pandya is one of the most out standing young talents in the Indian Cricket Team.

This video focuses on the hard hitting sixes of Hardik Pandya. While we enjoy the sixes hit by Hardik Pandya, we must not forget that Hardik Pandya is also a very good batsman. This will be evident as you see the rest of the video.

Hardik Pandya made his way to the Indian cricket team from the Indian Premier League IPL. Here Hardik Pandya plays for the team Mumbai Indians MI, owned by the billionaire Ambani.

Hardik Pandya hit the second ball he faced in his IPL career for six. This six is included in this video. Hardik Pandya is probably the player with the most hat trick of sixes.

Even though Hardik Pandya looks very lean and unassuming, Hardik Pandya packs a mean punch when hitting the ball. If Hardik Pandya does not loose his way in international cricket, we could see Hardik Pandya become the highest six hitter in the world of cricket.

The first six in this video comes from the bat of Hardik Pandya against Pakistan in the Champions Trophy final. Usually India vs Pakistan matches in any form of cricket is highly contested. Each team wants to win the India vs Pakistan encounter, due to the rivalry between the two countries. Hardik Pandya hits this ball for 107 meters. In the world of cricket this is a massive six.

The next six is from the IPL where Hardik Pandya slaps the ball over the covers for six. This is a incredible shot by Hardik Pandya. Just to get the power to hit this ball over cover is a unbelievable achievement by Hardik Pandya. This six was hit by Hardik Pandya in the IPL match MI vs RPS.

Hardik Pandya hits the ball straight for six in the India vs Australia ODI match. Hardik Pandya shows his ability of six hitting in this shot.

The KXIP bowler is destroyed in the next six by Hardik Pandya batting. Amazing front foot pull shot for six in the IPL game KXIP vs MI by Hardik Pandya.

Hardik Pandya then hits the next six in the India vs Sri Lanka test match for six with a pull shot. A powerful pull shot by Hardik Pandya.

A clean strike for six by Hardik Pandya is the next six. Straight over the bowlers head for six. Incredible Hardik Pandya Batting in the IPL match RPS vs MI.

The Pakistani spinner is taken to the cleaners by Hardik Pandya by hitting the next ball for six. The six comes in the India vs Pakistan ODI match. As we mentioned above, India vs Pakistan is always a high pressure encounter. To be able to hold ones nerves and hit a six is quite remarkable. Hardik Pandya batting like a great player does.

Hardik Pandya flicks the ball for six next in the IPL match RCB vs MI.

A powerful slog sweep from Hardik Pandya in the India vs Bangladesh cricket match is the next six. A unbelievable shot from Hardik Pandya.

A in out shot for six by Hardik Pandya from the IPL match KXIP vs MI is the next six. Amazing Hardik Pandya batting.

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Hardik Pandya Batting - 25 Sixes Amazing Sixes by Hardik Pandya - Hardik Pandya Batting

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