Tuesday, 7 November 2017

BEST OF THE YEAR, SO FAR! - (Perhaps most amazing video!!!)

BEST OF THE YEAR, SO FAR! - (Perhaps most amazing video!!!)

We're halfway through 2017 and people have done a whole lot of awesome stuff already. Thanks to all the amazing people who submitted their videos to People are Awesome. Here's a compilation of the best videos of the year so far! Sit back, relax, and enjoy 5 minutes of amazing tricks, crazy jumps, ski, snowboard and BMX flips, insane strength, flexibility, and talented kids!


BEST OF THE WEEK! https://goo.gl/HXgcE3

Random Mystery Video: https://goo.gl/Hmcci6


Ricky Mears - Threads (Instrumental) (Artist Intelligence Agency)


0:00 https://goo.gl/HKdX7b

0:05 https://goo.gl/ej1Lzu

0:09 https://goo.gl/AfZyB2

0:13 https://goo.gl/4wg6BX

0:18 https://goo.gl/RtzLZt

0:23 https://goo.gl/YDaJfU

0:25 https://goo.gl/Te4WyT

0:27 https://goo.gl/ofCYMb

0:30 https://goo.gl/NF2Pio

0:34 https://goo.gl/HhPQhV

0:42 https://goo.gl/8ahzMU

0:45 https://goo.gl/txcUiY

0:51 https://goo.gl/DBSXaa

0:54 https://goo.gl/jNYCFn

1:01 https://goo.gl/UXR2DF

1:02 https://goo.gl/ydyUCH

1:07 https://goo.gl/erwa2r

1:13 https://goo.gl/9ZR8Jn

1:18 https://goo.gl/e4a7s6

1:32 https://goo.gl/RSJmFu

1:41 https://goo.gl/HhPQhV

1:47 https://goo.gl/EEaLJj

1:50 https://goo.gl/Fm8u5W

1:58 https://goo.gl/WDLfu9

2:01 https://goo.gl/B7T15e

2:04 https://goo.gl/3Ldsym

2:08 https://goo.gl/D8n57F

2:15 https://goo.gl/osQ4Ui

2:19 https://goo.gl/nbkoTw

2:26 https://goo.gl/Q6Lpki

2:33 https://goo.gl/0tl4si

2:40 https://goo.gl/UnZJQj

2:56 https://goo.gl/5xY76g

3:04 https://goo.gl/qjrvJH

3:15 https://goo.gl/AYBWoh

3:24 https://goo.gl/oCdkmc

3:33 https://goo.gl/ybCfKb

3:36 https://goo.gl/5uD1iT

3:39 https://goo.gl/opFRsa

3:58 https://goo.gl/7rAa3N

4:07 https://goo.gl/h2wnqP

4:14 https://goo.gl/DRQ1Db

4:22 https://goo.gl/vd5ggu

4:25 https://goo.gl/dYlUZ2

4:30 https://goo.gl/xHg66d

4:33 https://goo.gl/CXniyg

4:37 https://goo.gl/735HSv

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