Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Best Fails of the Year 2017 (So Far) || FailArmy

We're over halfway through 2017, so let's take a look back on the best fails of the year so far! This has been a great year for failure. Humanity never ceases to amaze us with the creative ways in which our species fails; and we thank you for your continued support! We love you all! Don't forget to submit your videos to failarmy.com

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Sea Lion Drags Girl Into Water https://goo.gl/4XrfEc

Pileup at Bike Race https://goo.gl/bY66BG

Girls Attempt to Create Funny Video and Break Swing Set https://goo.gl/HuPKYU

Quad Into Car https://goo.gl/ZJwkGG

Kayaker Gets Stuck in Hydraulic https://goo.gl/aQKP4u

Guy Accidentally Collapses Roof https://goo.gl/TeVj9C

Drunk Guy in Hallway

Guy Slips off Edge of Canyon and Into Water https://goo.gl/5QeXdc

Gender Reveal Box on Kid https://goo.gl/Y64kQF

Ball in Claw Machine Bounces Back Into Pile https://goo.gl/EfuKRe

Drag Race Begins in Collision https://goo.gl/zugQwU

Guy off Ladder after Dropping Chandelier https://goo.gl/hv9Ecc

Guy in Wheelchair Fails to Back Away From Fireworks https://goo.gl/CtxMDw

Little Brother Throws Brush at Sister's Head https://goo.gl/fcVv7u

Girl Accidentally Spills Coffee on Compute https://goo.gl/s8JHj9

Woman Collapses in Inflatable Hammock https://goo.gl/VcTt1k

Motorcycle Wheelie Attempt

Black Bear Attacks Man https://goo.gl/ZQgvDP

Guy Accidentally Smashes Light With Pool Stick https://goo.gl/FXGNiH

Baby Boy Makes a Mess

Dog Accidentally Jumps Into Pond https://goo.gl/1DuvgV

Kid Flat On His Back While Attempting to Backflip

Guy Has a Close Encounter with Giraffe https://goo.gl/AXQb1J

Men Fail to Put Roof Onto Sixteen-Foot Metal Support https://goo.gl/NJsKUr

Firearm Flies out of Girl's Hands https://goo.gl/vNbgAU

Snow Canoe Hits Girl https://goo.gl/4tfBjN

Pole Breaks as Dancer Does Spin https://goo.gl/aKh3ZM

Fallen Trees Trap Car on Road https://goo.gl/mvw7iP

Dog Eats Food with a Face https://goo.gl/9k9C4h

Broken Guitar Hits Guy's Nuts https://goo.gl/FLhkFi

Go Kart Rider Gets Rear-Ended While Trying to Take a Selfie https://goo.gl/1F34FU

Bird Attacks Man https://goo.gl/nBVaFU

Skier Attempts Jump Across Street

Guy on Inner Tube into Dog https://goo.gl/B8SKzQ

Guy Attempts to Do Side Flip Across Gap https://goo.gl/SJSB7V

Guy Bets He Can Lift 185 Pound Benchpress https://goo.gl/Hdw18K

Mother Duck Attacks Camera Man https://goo.gl/yaR1ue

Guy Scares Dad with Leaf Blower https://goo.gl/LqWRqF

Snowmobile Attempts Jump https://goo.gl/3Uhyfh

Crane Onto Street https://goo.gl/ZWEigD

Excavator Losing Control https://goo.gl/1zjKre

Guy Through Roof at Fast Food Restaurant https://goo.gl/2MsUFv

Guy Motorcycle Attempting to Wheelie https://goo.gl/vJDW2a

Golf Ball Bounces Back to Starting Point https://goo.gl/uM9PYW

Guy Fails to Cross Bridge While Boating https://goo.gl/G7WWnu

Pole Dancer Accidentally Kicks Self in Head With High Heel https://goo.gl/wLBxf8

Drone Flies Into Mother's Hair https://goo.gl/dz21ya

Guy in Hang Glide Attempt https://goo.gl/sxDvCT

Guy Bounces off Velcro Wall https://goo.gl/9dkuV2

Pickup Truck Runs Straight Into a Snow Bank https://goo.gl/3bBbyc

Girl Rides Bike Down Dirt Hill and Faceplants https://goo.gl/RMt8Co

Guy Into Creek From Tree Trunk https://goo.gl/6dQ8ST

Amateur Cook Lights Stove on Fire

Wild Turkey Attacks Photographer https://goo.gl/jYCgRV

Guy Accidentally Kicks Woman in Face While Pole Dancing https://goo.gl/Rs61AB

Guy Slips Off Boat Before Diving Into Water https://goo.gl/PWxJNJ

Elephant Seal Rolls Down Hill https://goo.gl/zjJJvY

Guy Attempts to Break Through Wood Plank https://goo.gl/5sKNSi

Boat Tips over after Disembarking https://goo.gl/q4bUZs

Guy Goes Flying Off Snowmobile https://goo.gl/W7D3a2

Drunk Man Faceplants into Laundry Basket https://goo.gl/HALvtF

Duck Walks Across Wet Concrete https://goo.gl/2cjuQ1

Glider into Tree https://goo.gl/weRHGU

Moped Rider https://goo.gl/WTSg4A

Guy Flies off Launched Snowmobile https://goo.gl/xrXrM7

Guy's Head Gets Stuck Between Train Doors https://goo.gl/cJi715

Crowd Gets Hit by Firework Embers https://goo.gl/xJvXzH

River Zip-Line Tree Branch Fail https://goo.gl/EhYVwb

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